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Hi, Welcome to my page BeingLoveSelf.  I am Karamjeet Kaur. I am  an author of my first book Truly Love Me. I am your self love specialist, coach and trainer.  I am here to give inspiration, guidance, sharing, motivation and much stories on  how we love ourself to create miracles in our lives.

I  simply love what I do because I believe in it 100 percent. Self Love is not about being self conceited. Actually, everything begins with us. Therefore  to love ourself is to understand why are we here? What is life for us? You can get all your answers once you learn to practice every moment on loving yourself.  Being Love Self is your freedom to your journey.

So lets come together, make this possible for each of us to love. The more we love ourself, the better we create great relationship with others, create healthy boundaries and much more.

Lookout for my monthly blog and weekly quotes to give you boost loving self. If you would like to seek session or invite for me for talks, seminar or workshop, please contact me for further discussion. 


Cheers from Being Love Self

Karamjeet Kaur

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Please contact me for below services :

1) Personal Session Self Love ( Various Topics - Feeling Lost, Depression, Feeling To End Life, Abuse, Death, Poverty Many more). You make your choice  and drop me an email of your request.

2) Group Session - Inspiration, Motivation Coaching on Self Love,  Being Abundance Maker, Change Management of Belief Within and list goes on.

3) Seminars/Workshops  - Please drop me an email of your requirement. Will customize your topic according to your need.

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Being Love Self is having their own products to create awareness of self love. The reason we encourage to buy these products. It becomes a reminder to love your and gift to others.

Our products are consists of T-Shirts, Caps, Bags and many more.

If you like to put an order, please email us your requirement. We are more than happy to assist your.

Wish you love.

What is Self Love?


Common Questions :

1) What is self love?


   Self Love is about loving yourself unconditionally. It is not selfish. Infact it creates an understanding with yourself and others.

2) Why self love is important?

     It is important because you will learn to be more in control of creating experiences you want in your life. You will stop inviting negative experiences or blame anything for it. It is becomes the key of bliss in living your life.

3) How can I learn more about self love?

    SImply, learn to love yourself. If you like to more from BeingLoveSelf, just email us, we are more happy to help you.

Wish you all the love.